3 Fragen an … Grzegorz Chodkowski, CEO der MedPharm Group

10. Juli 2013


GregzgorzUnser heutiger Interviewgast Dr. Grzegor Chodkowski ist Gründer und CEO der MedPharm Group, deren Stammgeschäft die Ausrichtung medizinischer Karrieremessen ist. Die MedPharm Careers richten sich an Ärzte, Kranken- und Pflegepersonal sowie andere Spezialisten aus dem medizinischen und pharmazeutischen Sektor. Grzegorz Chodkowski ist selbst vom Fach, er schloss 2002 sein Medizinstudium an der Universität in Warschau ab. Zwischen 2002 and 2010 arbeitete er in der Invasiven Kardiologie des Hospitals in Ostrołęka (im Nordosten Polens). Bereits seit 2001 unterstütze er verschiedene Start-ups. Sein Unternehmen betreibt außerdem das ebenfalls branchenorientierte Job- und Karriereportal MedPharm Jobs.

1.  When employers participate in your career fairs, taking place throughout Europe, what benefits would be gained? What can you tell us about the success/placement rates?

Grzegorz Chodkowski: MedPharm Careers is currently the largest medical and nursing job fairs in Europe held twice a year since 2007 in 20 different countries. The Events are attended by leading medical employers and recruiters from Europe.  The formula of a job fair and direct meeting of employers and job seekers is the most professional and the most appreciated by medical professionals interested in pursuing their medical careers in another country. It  enables to get first hand information and explore many different opportunities all in one place. Each year a few thousand of doctors, nurses, dentists and other healthcare professionals get their jobs thanks to MedPharm Careers in more than 20 countries not only in Europe but all around the world.

2. You give interesting lectures on the recruiting fairs, e.g. about your product “Medical English” – what exactly does it mean for physicians?

Grzegorz Chodkowski: English is todays lingua franca of medicine and it almost replaces Latin as an international language of communication between doctors and patients around the world.  Medical English is a must for every medical professional interested in training or working in any of the English speaking countries, and very often it is even a legal obligation before a doctor is granted with a medical license. However all doctors in a modern world should be fluent in English and Medical English since this is the language of the clinical research, medical conferences and most of the research papers are published in English as well.  The MedicalEnglish24 Online course that is now available through MedPharmJobs.com portal is a very professional, practical course that was written by a very experienced team of Medical English teachers and academics, doctors as well as native speakers. Since the course is available fully online any medical professional around the world can join at study at his or her pace from the comfort of his own home.

3.  We have noted during our recent participation in the career fair in Budapest that many qualified candidates decided finally to go to other countries, such as Sweden or Switzerland. What might be the reason(s) and what has to change in Germany, that they come, work and stay here in the future?

Grzegorz Chodkowski: There are more and more opportunities for medical professionals to pursue their medical careers in Europe but also outside Europe. The most common destinations for European doctors from Europe include: United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia ( mainly Sweden and Denmark) and Germany. But there are also opportunities in other countries in Europe such as France, Belgium or Netherlands or outside Europe e.g. Middle East, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. There are various motivations why choose a particular country but the main ones include:
– known languages where English is the most spoken language or an ability to learn a new language for free ( offered for Scandinavian countries or the Netherlands)
– best rates of pay which include United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia
– opportunities to train and to get the specialist training with Germany being the only country in Europe that makes it so easy for doctors and medical graduates from around Europe to come and train in Germany.
– attractive lifestyle, weather or social system as well as many other motivations.

Germany is definitely the easiest country in Europe to get the specialist training and get an employment as a doctor. Unfortunately it is not the best paying country in Europe which might be the case for many specialist doctors to choose other countries which offer better pay e.g UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia or even France. For many doctors a big obstacle is also the language with quite high expectations from the Medical Chamber and future employers (a min. of B2 level) comparing to other countries which are happy to accept doctors with slightly lower language skills at a start. The rising expectation now is to be offered a full language support and language training form the future employer to ease the process.

Thank you very much for the interview, Mister Chodkowski, and much success with your MedPharm Group.

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